Pulp and paper industry

        In the production and recycling of paper, liquid fibrous sludges are generated. For production or recycling purposes, it is necessary to reduce the volume of these sludges. The performance of VANEX equipment lines depends on the type and quality of the processed material, the type of flocculant, individual components of the line, the type of filtration screen, and the specific modification of the belt press. Each aspect needs to be determined based on the analysis of input sludge samples. We have progressively developed presses and complete lines for maximum efficiency. Currently, in the dewatering lines, we use high-pressure presses VX-VT8-20 and their modifications. In terms of usage, it can be divided into 3 subsectors:

  1. Washing paperpresses are used in the process of washing pulp in the paper industry. Through the pressing process on presses in the row and subsequent dilution, the pulp gradually rids itself of chemicals, and the paper pulp attains the desired level of quality.   
tabuľka papierensky priemysel 1
  1. Processing of Tetra Paks and collected paper from recycling, where, after industrial processing, it is necessary to press the sludge generated from paper waste and reuse the pressed sludge.
tabuľka papierensky priemysel 2
  1. Processing of waste generated during paper production, containing starch, ash, dyes, and minimizing their volume and weight for the most cost-effective disposal.
tabuľka papierensky priemysel 3


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