Belt conveyors

Slow-speed belt conveyors are devices primarily designed for the continuous or intermittent transport of dewatered materials from wastewater treatment plants and materials that are suitable for conveyance by conveyors in all industrial sectors due to their structure and size.


Technical requirements

  • Voltage system: 3 + PEN  ~ 50Hz, 400V, TN – S,

Type table

In addition to the standard types produced (see table below), we can functionally customize the equipment to meet customer requirements (belt width, conveyor length, overlap, insulation, etc.). 

tabulka dopravnik

Principle of operation and modifications

The material to be transported is brought to the hopper of the belt conveyor. It moves along with the endless belt lying on the slide rails and winding on one side around the drive cylinder and on the other side around the tension cylinder. At the end of the conveyor, the material is separated from the belt by a scraper bar and falls to the destination.

The belt conveyor can be made in several modifications:

  1. Modification with overlap (for outdoor use)
  2. Modification on wheels (for easier maneuverability)
  3. Modification with stands (for elevation, e.g., into a container)


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