Sedimentation tank VX-SDN

A sedimentation tank is designed to provide sufficient time for the separation of sludge, water, and floating particles (if the supplied material contains them).


Technical requirements

  • Voltage system: 3 + PEN  ~ 50Hz, 400V, TN – S,
  • Horizontal solid foundation

Description of the device

The tank is made from welded polypropylene sheets. The thickness of the tank walls depends on its size, and the maximum dimensions are provided in the table.

A slow-speed agitator is mounted on the tank frame, consisting of a motor with a gearbox, a stirring rod, and agitator blades. The frame includes a central and stabilizing circle.

Around the perimeter of the upper edge of the tank, there are protrusions that ensure the uniform overflow of water into the channel for clarified water, which is located around the entire tank beneath its upper edge.

The height of the settled sludge at the bottom of the tank (for pump discharge purposes) is measured in two ways (to ensure proper functionality, we choose the solution that is more effective for the specific conditions), namely:

  1. Pressure probe
  2. Podľa odporu, ktorý kladie usadený kal miešadlu

The operating principle

The liquid material flows into the sedimentation tank, and since sludge is heavier than water, the sludge, due to the force of gravity (and flocculant if added), descends to the bottom where it settles. The settled sludge at the bottom is compressed by the weight of the material in the dosing tank above it, facilitating dewatering. There is a mixer in the tank that disrupts the sludge (to prevent it from solidifying). The sludge is pumped out from the bottom of the tank by a sludge pump (not part of the equipment).

Above the sludge in the tank, there is water, possibly with floating impurities (in which case a layer forms on the surface with a filtration effect on floating impurities). Excess water overflows through the edge of the tank into a channel (in VANEX systems, this water can be reused, for example, as wash water).

Type table

he equipment is manufactured according to customer requirements (diameter and height).  

tabulka sedimentacna dosadzovacia nadrz


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