Recycling industry

Due to the increasing need for recycling, VANEX has developed lines for the recycling of various materials and the mechanical purification of water. The performance of VANEX equipment lines depends on the type and quality of the processed material, the type of flocculant, individual components of the line, the type of filtration screen, and the specific modification of the equipment. Each aspect needs to be determined based on the analysis of material samples intended for processing and the desired processing purpose (compaction, dewatering, cleaning of the liquid component, or both).

In terms of usage, various material-specific recycling lines can be mentioned:

  1. Purification of water for its reuse and pressing of sludge generated during the recycling process of plastics.
tabulka recyklačný priemysel 1
  1. Recycling of materials from car batteries, separation and cleaning of copper from carbon, and their pressing.
tabulka recyklačný priemysel 2


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