Belt press

The fundamental components of dewatering lines are belt presses. Belt presses are devices for the mechanical dewatering of various types of sludge or other media. The goal is to achieve the desired dryness of the sludge by applying mechanical pressure to the sludge, which is mixed with a flocculant solution. The separated water can be recycled and reused in the technological process of the dewatering line.


Technical requirements

  • Voltage system: 3 + PEN  ~ 50Hz, 400/230V, TN – S,
  • Utility water (at a pressure of 5-6 bar), optionally filtrate
  • Connection to the chemical system (flocculant supply)
  • Compressed air connection at a minimum of 6 bar

The operating principle

The sludge intended for pressing is pumped into the mixer (flocculation device) by a sludge pump, where it is mixed with the added flocculant solution delivered by the dosing pump from the chemical system tank. The intensity of mixing, as well as the quantity of sludge and flocculant solution dosed, can be smoothly regulated on the control panel.

Mixed sludge with flocculant flows out of the mixer onto a filtration belt. At this point, the sludge is evenly distributed across the full width of the belt by a spreading bar, and the first gravity drainage of released water into the gutter system occurs. The material, along with the filtration belt, progresses and passes through a system of rollers designed for maximum dewatering. The dewatered material is separated from the filtration belts at the end of the pressing zone by scrapers and, for example, falls onto a conveyor or into a container.

The water that drains due to gravity, compression in the wedge zone, and squeezing in the pressing zone, flows through a gutter system into a collection container beneath the press. From the collection container under the press, water drains by gravity or can be reused for rinsing the filtration belt, thereby recycling it.


  1. Modification for increased construction
  2. Modifikation with a storage tank under the press (water from the storage tank used for belt rinsing)
  3. Modification with a storage tank and High pressure pump (recycling water from the press for rinsing)
  4. Modification with enclosure

Type table

Based on parameters, it is possible to select a belt press that is ideal from both a functional and energy perspective. In addition to the standard type, we can customize the device according to customer requirements. The primary input factors to consider when selecting the device are:

  • Dry matter – (preferably send for analysis to Vanex)
  • Organic matter content – (preferably send for analysis to Vanex)
  • Capacity (m3/hour) – flow of material intended for processing
  • Flocculant – determined based on analysis
tabuľka lisy

High-Pressure belt press VX-VT 6-20


Belt press VX 15-20N


Belt press VX 6-12N


Belt press VX-GORO 6-12V


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